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Fuminori Maro Shinozaki

At age of three, Fuminori Maro Shinozaki began studying the violin with
his father, Eisuke Shinozaki. He has continued studying with Ms. Reiko Tanaka, Mr. Toshiya Eto, Mr. Thomas Christian and Mr. Ivry Gitlis. 
He has also taken chamber music classes with the members of the Barylli Quartet and the Amadeus Quartet.

At his early age, his has shown enormous gift to music and became the winner
of the Mainich Music Competition for Students.
He was the youngest Civic Cultural Prize winner awarded by the Kitakyushu-City in 1979.
Since 1981 he has studied at the Vienna City Conservatory, and in 1982 he made his concerto debut appearance with their orchestra at the Vienna Konzerthaus.
He has received very good reviews for that performance:

*“The brilliant technique and superb music full of subtle nuance” (Wiener Zeitung),
*“Pearls of exquisite tone and the music filled with fascination”(Volks Stimme)

He has won many other prizes such as the third prize at the 34th Viotti International Music Competition, the Silver Medal at the 20th Bordeaux International Music Festival.  
Thereafter, he has been performing all over the world, such as in European countries, in Asia and America.

In 1988 he was appointed as the concertmaster of Gunma Symphony Orchestra in Japan.
In 1991 he became concertmaster of the Yomiuri-Nippon Symphony Orchestra where he has stayed until he became the first concertmaster of the NHK Symphony Orchestra in 1997.

As a soloist, he has played with NHK Symphony Orchestra, Yomiuri-Nippon Symphony Orchestra and many other leading Japanese orchestras.
His chamber music activities include groups such as the Halle String Quartet, Ensemble・SAKURA, Ishihara Lyric Ensemble, Santory Festival Soloist and Virtuoso Ensemble Parthenon.

As an artistic director of the Tokyo Junior Orchestra Society, he is also active in teaching and coaching young musicians of the next generation.

Among his eleven CDs that have been released, “Piano Trios #1&2 with Allensky” was chosen by the Ongakunotomo Magazine as one of the top 20 master CDs ranked by the readers, and his latest CD album“Resonate Eternally”
has being selected for the highest honorship in the Record-Geijutu(art) Magazine.

As councilor of the WHO International Academy “Life Harmony Science", he is also involved with activities in the field of music therapy

In 2001, he has received Culture Prize awarded by the Fukuoka-Prefecture.
In 2004 he has founded his own group called "Maro-World", a project tied up with at Ginza Oji Hall.
The term "Maro" is the name taken from his own nickname, and it is also an ancient Japanese term meaning “I” or “me” used exclusively among old male aristocracy.
Shinozaki’s charismatic appearance has enabled to gather his close musician friends to collaborate in his musical project.
He was appointed the ambassador of culture to Kitakyushu in2008.He was appointed the ambassador of culture to Kitakyushu in2008.He teaches at the university. Toho Gakuen , Tokyo University of the Arts, Showaondai Associate Professor.He teaches at the university. Toho Gakuen , Tokyo University of the Arts, Showaondai Associate Professor.

He also appeared on TV. "Vienna New Year Concert" as a commentator. "Shokusairoman" he showed his cooking. "Variety on Friday" he played as an entertainer.
Besides, he has the special program for summer and winter " MARO's Nikki" on the radio.

There're several concerts and classes named of "MARO" -his nickname.
"MARO world" "MARO Project" "X' MARO" "MAROJUKU" "MARO's room" and the orchestra which he supervised by himself "Meister Art Romantker was broadcasted on BS,and tha got into the big news.

He published "Luft Pause, Wind Rest" (Shuppankan BookClub) , "Maro's Palette" (Yamaha Music Media),Violin Method of Fuminori Shinozaki "Pandora's Box" (Asia Internet Service) his own editing sketchbook, and all.

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